Traction Kite Project

Homemade Traction/Power Kite

This article is the in-progress detail for my Traction Kite project, which I will hopefully eventually be able to use for Kite Surfing.

There are two YouTube videos about this below.

I used airtight/waterproof nylon for this which I got from eBay, machine stitched with industrial thickness nylon thread. The leading edge and ‘fingers’ are made from Polyethylene foam cylinders, otherwise known as ‘water noodles’. I’ve attached six loops around the leading edge for attaching lines in two groups of three which take two lines back to the operator. The rear break lines are in two groups of two, to make a four line kite in total.

Initial testing will be with two standard kite bar/handles before I think about making a harness and single pull-bar. The leading edge is effectively hinged in front of the fingers, so if the operator lets go of the lines the kite should turn inside out, causing it to form an ‘upside down aeroplane wing’ and therefore a downward force. While the lines are held by the operator the leading edge is held down so the kite generates lift – which seems to work in my initial testing, at least on very short lines.

Here are some pictures of the progress, click for larger versions: