AI Brain Building


This page is about Ultron’s AI/Brain. Check out the main project index for the rest.

There are some YouTube videos about this section, scroll down for pictures and words.




Ultron’s brain is going to process sensors and track emotions in order to decide how Ultron will behave. This will include a ‘shortcut’ process for reflexes and reactions, as well as longer term processing the volition etc – check out the top video for more on this.

The brain itself is external to Ultron and connected over Bluetooth. It has various LEDs and servo-actuated things which will move and illuminate as Ultron thinks. The base contains some Arduinos and the other electronics. I want to make this interactive so there will also be some controls etc that you can tweak as it’s working.

I’ve added a Parallax EMIC2 text-to-speech module to the brain – the audio is processed with an effects processor and sent to the robot with a Bluetooth audio transmitter. I’ve also added an LED array which shows when touch or vision sensors are triggered.

Ultron’s long term planning and volition will be dealt with in the virtual world, in a VR physical environment, Check out the videos above for more info on that:

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