Breakfast Making Machines!

I love breakfast, and I love robots. So I decided to make a robot chef to cook breakfast. So far I can boil things and toast things. Check out the videos or scroll down for some pictures and words.

You can get the CAD and code from:

One of the machines can boil food – I’ve tested it with eggs only at the moment. It can monitor water temperature and move its robot arm with sieve attachment into place, time 6 minutes, and remove the egg when the time is up. future improvements include operating the hob dial with a servo.

The next machine can toast food – tested with canned hot dogs. This machine can open the toaster oven door, turn the timer on using a servo and cam, and place the food to cook in the oven for a specified time – removing it afterwards and throwing it on the floor.

The next stage for the project is to construct the ‘master controller arm’ which will coordinate the other two modules and place food in at the top.