Dollar store Terminator Endoskull

Dollar Store Terminator Endoskull build

I previously built an Iron Man Arc Reactor from items found in the pound shop, now I am attempting a Terminator Endoskull.

There is a YouTube video showing me actually making this, or scroll down for the written version with pictures.

YT01 (1)

The items I am using this time are; a set of four plastic bowls, some stereo speaker sets, a plastic box container;

Some bungee cords, small nuts, walkman headphones, an FM/TV aerial;

A solar garden light, some bottle tops and other nuts/washers, a skull mask:

You can get a hot glue gun in Poundland in the UK which has been used for all the gluing. I took apart one set of speakers so I can use the fronts and backs separately:

The bowls are firstly cut into sections, and I cut out the holes characteristic of Terminator with a Dremel rotary tool:

The bowls are then attached face to face with a strip of plastic. The plastic was actually from a craft store, but you could use some plastic from a container etc. The backs of the speakers are used to make the recessed panel.

The skull mask has had a section cut from it – mostly I only wanted the eye and cheek bone sections, I’ve enlarged the eye sockets and nose hole which will have other items stuck behind them. I’ve used some bottle tops, nuts and pieces from the headphones as details inside the recesses:

The jaw structure is made from the corner parts of the lid from the plastic box, and section cut from the garden light dome. I’ve backed up the holes with some spare plastic from the green bowls and used the ear pads from the headphones as pivots:

The eye sockets are made from the ends of a bungee cord with small nuts glued on, they will later have LEDs fixed inside. The neck made from small speakers is mounted onto the base from the TV/FM aerial, and I’ve used the metal telescopic parts as jaw pistons. The actual bungee cord is used to make the neck pipes:

Although you can get small cans of paint in Poundland, I’ve actually used automotive paints that I had spare for this. Here it is in plastic primer:

After some silver paint, teeth are made from some of the plastic box lid. I’ve installed LEDs in the eyes which didn’t come from a pound shop, but cost less than a pound – you can check out my electronics tutorials for prop building to find out how to wire LEDs.