Head Mechanics

Star Wars EP7 BB-8 Droid VERSION 3

This page is about the head assembly, check out the main project index for the rest.

There are some YouTube videos about this section

The head control arm rotates around the main axle that runs front to back. It is moves around by two large servos which form a triangle with their push-rods. Within the head control arm is another servo that allows the head to rotate:

I’ve used Ninjaflex couplings to allow the push-rods to bend and rotate against the various end points:

The head us running in casters are it did in Version 2. They are angled inwards so they always track the radius of the ball properly. In the middle is the magnetic head coupling – this only turns a central hub in the middle of the head to allow the dome to rotate, while allowing the casters to stay still:

The head dome will be built as a frame – sitting on a shaft connected to the magnetic head coupling: