Life Form Scanner

3D Printed Star Wars R2-D2 R6 Droid

This page is about the 3D Life Form Scanner, check out the main project index for the rest.

There is a YouTube video about this section

I decided that I wanted a multi-stage lifter for this one so that I can get more height than the Periscope accessory. Therefore I’ve used a rack and pinion with a multi-turn sail-winch servo to drive the first stage. The second stage is then pulled up with strings and pulleys:

The parts are 3D printed and the mechanism seems to run smoothly, check out the action in the video above:

I’ve mounted the lifter on a block which angles it inwards slightly to match the contour of the head:

The top of the scanner was printed flat and then curved with heat, it is mounted on an additional servo so that it can rotate: