Pneumatics Experiments!

I decided to do some experiments with some large pneumatic cylinders that were left over from build Bumblebee the Real Transformer. Each cylinder is capable of lifting 300Kg at 120psi, so they could be quite useful for robotics if I can position them accurately.

There are some videos about this, or scroll down for pictures and words.

My initial plan was to apply pressure to both sides of the cylinder, letting it out more slowly than it goes in from one side, when I want to move the cylinder in either direction. I did this with two 3-way solenoid valves and two air sources to isolate them.

I also implemented a feedback pot and an Arduino to deal with the positioning. This worked quite well.

In part 2 I decided that it would be fun to try proportional control so I designed a servo-controlled valve, but there were some unexpected results!