Rear Gullwing Doors

Iron Man Hulkbuster Suit

This page is about building the mechanism for the opening panels around the suit,check out the main project index for the rest.

There are some YouTube videos about this section

The back of the suit is currently completely open so that the wearer can climb in and out, however these sections needs to be covered with panels which open and close. These panels need to have the ability to be activated remotely as well as when the wearer is inside the suit, and also have a ‘safety release’ for a quick exit in the event of power failure.

I have several 3D printed parts for mechanism that hinges the back of the torso open:

This assembly allows the main pivots, shown below holding two silver sticks, to tilt inwards before rotating outwards. These are controlled by more bicycle brake cords – the inner rotating the large pulleys downwards, and the outer of the cord pulling the pivots outwards for the normal closed position. Bungee cord makes the pivots move inwards and the pulleys turn outwards

The rear body panels will be mounted on the two sticks, they will likely be made from 3D printed formers with foam panels. The other end of the cords will be latched into an electronics release mechanism so that the body panels float upwards, which means that they can be activated manually or remotely:

More 3D printed frame parts:

All assembled with Acetone welds:

And mounted on the suit:

More to follow…