Revisiting the legs

Iron Man Cosplay Legs

This page is about revisiting the legs, check out the main project index for the rest.

This page is about revisiting the legs which I previously started in 2012

There’s a YouTube video about this

It’s been a while since I originally built the legs along with their strapping/mounting system. I’ve since acquired a 3D printer,so I have decided to revisit them. I started by removing the cages from the front of the shins so I can make something more comfortable which also fits more snugly. I’ve used a pair of football sin pads and Velcro straps so I can adjust the fittings and brace the load across the whole shin:

The front and back shells will not attach directly to each other using some 3D printed parts. The hooks have been designed with some length to them so they can slide inwards and avoid the tricky contours of the boot. The fronts are held downwards with a bungee in a hook at the front of the boot, provided the front shells cannot lift, they also cannot pull away from the backs:

After some experimentation, it appears that the best way to mount the thighs is onto straps attached to the torso. I would have preferred to support these from the boots, but it appears that the hinge points in the original Pepakura files are not at the same height, or actually where my knee bends, so this is problematic. I’ve used webbing strapping/buckles to mount them:

As before, the front of the legs are removable – they are locked in place by the side panels.

I’ve designed and 3D printed flexible knee section in Ninjaflex, using my Lulzbot TAZ printer:

I’m using adhesion promoter and chrome paint, which seems to stick pretty well: