Shoulder Brace, Head Mount & Chest

3D Printed Alien Xenomorph Suit

This page is building the Head mounting and chest parts, check out the main project index for the rest.

There are some YouTube videos about this section

I need to build a shoulder harness to mount Alien’s head on, since I want to wear it as a costume. This piece will also serve as the breastbone where the ribs will be mounted. The red parts below are Ninjaflex rubber, and blue are rigid ABS:

I’m using some metal brackets for the actual shoulder hooks, and a piece of wood to hold the head up high:

The hybrid rubber/rigid part is glued to the triangular part to hold the bottom of the stick:

I’ve dug out a spare strapping system which was part of my Iron Man suit, but no longer used. This will provide some padding for the shoulder harness. The other end of the stick goes into the head loop which is attached to the head with a bungee cord through the Ninjaflex buffer part:

This whole assembly will make up the mounting of the chest/rib parts. It will also hold the shoulders – the main hoops are made from a hybrid print of rigid and rubber material using dual extruders which will be attached to the shoulder harness with brackets:

The red parts above are Ninjaflex, the bleu parts are rigid ABS. Once the ring is printed and cut we end up with a flexible snake:

The snakes are acetone welded to the brackets and the existing shoulder brace:

The next parts are for the breastbone and rib cage, the red part is Ninjaflex, the blue parts are rigid ABS. I’ve used the ‘subtract’ feature in Autodesk 123D Design to make sure that the ribs clip onto the breastbone properly although they will also eventually be glued in place:

The breastbone took around six hours to print, the ribs took eighteen hours in total:

I’ve used off the shelf conduit inserted in the Ninjaflex section to tie everything together:

Finally got around to sorting out the head mount. This is a 3D printed frame that slots into a hardhat liner:

The front neck sections are also complete. This is mounted on the front of the torso which is one removable piece: