Shoulder Pods

Iron Man Hulkbuster Suit

This page is about building the mechanism for the opening Shoulder Pods, check out the main project index for the rest.

There are some YouTube videos about this section

The shoulders will open to allow the helmet to hinge back and also allow weapons to be revealed. This will be through the use of an angles four bar link and some frame parts:

One part is hinged onto the existing M8 studding which the arms are mounted on, the other end runs into a channel. The lever mechanism are sprung so that they stay in either position and can be activated by cable control:

The shoulder frame parts are mounted on the levers:

I’ve installed weapons in the pods along with RGB LEDs which fire as the barrel rotates. These are lifted out by the an linear actuator – check out the video above:

I’ve skinned up the frame with foam floor mats and sheets of styrene with some 3D printed details. Check out the helmet page for the rest of the details: