Concept and Initial Sketches

Iron Man Hulkbuster Suit

This page is about the concept for my planned Hulkbuster, check out the main project index for the rest.

There is a YouTube video about this section

I had planned to build a real life suiting up robot gantry for my Iron Man MKVI build. However since the suit and it’s strapping system have progressed the idea has become less practical. Also, as the Iron Man/Avengers series of films has progressed, Tony Stark has moved away from a special room full of robot arms to do the suit-up, towards suits that put themselves on.

Therefore the plans for my next suit will be as follows:

-A suit that is free standing/self supporting which you can get into and then move around.
-Heavily mechanised with lots of electronics and 3D printed mechanical parts.
-Inspired my Iron Man, but mostly my own design.
-To have high visual impact / high detail.
-Must disassemble for transport.

Building a suit that actually opens up and allows you to climb in will require quite a complicated mechanical assembly. Fortunately though it is rumoured that Avengers 2 will feature a Hulkbuster suit, so following this trend should allow plenty of space for the extra mechanics.

There outline concept for the frame of the suit is pictured below. Note that these are concept sketches, I won’t use these CAD drawings to make the final physical assembly. Key points are:

-All of the joints lock in place so it will free-stand, once you climb in from the back you can unlock them.
-The suit will only make the wearer around 30cm/1′ taller, so it’s not too problematic to walk.
-The ‘toe’ of the suit will be hinged and sprung so that walking without flat feet can occur.
-The arms are suspended from the overhead gantry and also tethered to other points on the torso so they hang naturally.
-The frame is covered with body panels which hinge open and closed to surround the wearer.
-Note that the hip hinges need three degrees of freedom to allow full motion, the final assembly here will probably look somewhat different.

As mentioned above, the arms will be suspended so they hang there by themselves. The wearer placed their real arms into the upper part of the arm only, the arms of the suit are mechatronic from the elbow down, including hands which are not shown. The lower arms are controlled with a joystick in each upper arm. I’m also hoping that the wearer can take their arms out of the suit arms to operate additional controls in the main body of the suit.

The suit is going to probably end up at least twice as wide as a normal person/Iron Man suit, with over-sized arms. Therefore there will potentially be lots of large expanses of material which make up the body panels. To be sure that the suit is still highly detailed I’ve been experimenting with some surface textures which you can see below. Something similar to these will probably cover the outer arms/legs/should bells, with other textures for the torso. This will also enable parts of the surface to open/close.

Initial thoughts on the electronics are along the lines of:

-The suit has its own Wi-Fi hotspot.
-Controlled by a tablet/smartphone from inside & outside the suit to allow the panels to be opened and various functions remotely controlled.
-Joystick control along with other physical switches for the arms/hands and other functions.
-Wireless link to control the features of my existing Iron Man Helmet.