Android 12 REV B Leg Modification parts

Android 12 REV B Leg Modifications

This page is about Android 12’s Revision B leg parts, check out the project index for the rest.

This page continues from the Linear Actuator Development page to show the replacement parts for Android 12’s legs. All the REV B parts will be printed in red plastic.

There is a YouTube video about this section:

Here are the final CAD drawings for the linear actuator parts, there are a few minor tweaks and an extra part to hold the potentiometer, after the prototype stage.

Here are the initial prints, this is two complete sets which I’ve mirrored to make a symmetrical pair. The current plan is for replace both the thigh and ankle actuators with these new assemblies, so I need one more pair:

For now I have made additional knee levers to replace the ‘springs on a bit of wire’ so that I can push and pull the knees, but we’ll see how that works out:

Here are the partially assembled linear actuators fitted to the legs in place of the old servo assemblies. I still have the chains to fit and the potentiometers to wire in. I also need to print new levers which connect to the ankles and thighs to provide the joint actuation.

Ankle levers:

Hip levers, and I’ve also printed new ‘gears’ to drive the chain. Check out this blog post for more info:

Here’s the complete assembly so far: