MKII Structure

This page is about building the MKII ExoSuit main structure. There are some videos about this section, or scroll down for pictures and words

The new structure is discussed in the first video above. It’s much thinner in the legs and has arms that hang above the wearer’s arms so that mass is distributed better:

The main structure is built from 9 & 12mm Plywood and 20mm box sections steel.

I’ve used bearings mounted in 3D printed blocks to make sure the axes run well – check out the second video above to see how it was put together.

It fist me quite well!.

I built the hips as planned – but took the two axes at the hips from the MKI suit – this allows leaning side to side and twisting the legs.

I’ve hung the suit up for now since there are no motors so it can’t yet support itself.