Tiny Electric Motorbike!

I made a tiny electric motorbike you can ride on! Scroll down for more pictures and words.

I planned and drew the main CAD for the project in Fusion 360, I used Vectric Aspire to convert sketched into GCode for my CNC Router.

Everything was made out of 12mm Plywood, and parts were designed to be screwed and glued – I left 4mm pockets in the side panels for the other parts to slot into.

The wheels were 8″ castors which had roller bearings in them, so they ran really well on the provided bushings and 12mm studding.

I used some 3D printed parts for the hardware mounting including the motor, which is a 280KV brushless outrunner controlled by a VESC ESC and a 24V Lipo.

It seems to go pretty well – check out the video above. You can also get the CAD for free!