Finishing the rigid suit part 1

Finishing the rigid Iron Man suit

This page is about finishing the rigid suit, check out the main project index for the rest.

This part of the project is in progress, I will post updates as I go. Each piece of the suit is being cast from the moulds, either in Polyurethane plastic, or fiberglass.

Here are some YouTube videos, or scroll down for the words and pictures:

Here is the current state of the rigid pieces on 10th December 2012. Note that the boots are propped at the front of the legs in the shot of the whole suit. Each piece is also pictured below:

Check out version 2 of my torso strapping/latching/mechanics:

Each piece of the suit has had a mould made from the foam suit, then been cast in plastic, cleaned up, filled and sanded and primed. First the helmet was cast and sanded. The white one on the left in the first picture is the cleaned up version, the other is a raw cast: