Iron Man Hulkbuster Suit

This page is about building the Arms for my Hulkbuster, check out the main project index for the rest.

There is a YouTube video about this section

In the previous part I started working on the hands for this project, the intention being that I would work my way up the arm replacing the cardboard mock-ups as I went. I’d like the forearms to have pop-out weapons, so this will involve some mechanisms to open the arm/hand plates with a cavity inside:

Here are pieces printed out on my Lulzbot TAZ. I’ve used round electrical conduit and wood to act as axels and spacers for the parts:

More of the assembly, the wood has been painted silver. I’ve used Ninjaflex 3D printer filament as a drive belt in a ‘figure of 8’ around the pulleys to keep them in sync:

The hand plates are made from a combination of 3D printed parts and foam PVC board (Sintra/Foamex). I planned the parts in CAD but then cut the large flat parts out of a sheet:

All painted and stuck together:

The hand plates are lined with foam and stuck onto the pivot legs:

More to follow…