Exoskeleton Strapping System

The Iron Man exoskeleton strapping system

This page is about the strapping stage of the project for the legs, check out the main project index for the rest.

My plan is to build a semi-rigid exoskeleton which the wearer puts on before the rest of the suit. This will enable mounting of the rigid outer suit pieces to a frame which will help with positioning the parts, and also make the suit up process easier. The eventual plan will be to locate the armour pieces onto the frame with a series of tapered sockets and pegs, and hold them in place with strong magnets.

Here’s some YouTube videos about this, or scroll down for the written version:

Here are some pictures showing the build up of the boots:

I’ve built frames for the boots and shins. They hinge at the ball of the foot so you can walk naturally, and also have two floating hinges at the ankle so allow natural movement. The shin part will eventually have a front section, the pieces of armour will clip onto this as with the torso – there will be a three part boot and the shins will be divided back/front:

I’ve now ruined a perfectly good pair of wellington boots to make the soles. They are bolted into the HDPE and it looks like they bend pretty well with the toe/sole hinge:

A quick walking test video, and a complete explanation of the boot:

Some of the completed assembly:

Both completed boots:

Here are some pictures of the thigh exoskeleton build up, check out the thigh casts.

The fiberglass thighs shells hook onto the thigh Exoskeleton by means of plastic blocks used in self assembly furniture, and wooden dowels. Plastic blocks with holes in are glued to the inside of the shells, and corresponding blocks with dowels in are located on the metal work. This allows the back and front shell to slide downwards and stay in place:

A pair of magnetic latches, which I made for this purpose, will eventually be attached to the replacement vacuum formed thigh side panels. These are located through a corresponding pair of holes on the outside of the thigh to hold each shell in place, essential to stop it lifting off the hooks. This whole assembly holds the pieces tight in place, the metal work will be attached to the straps on the outside of each hip from the upper body portion of the strapping system.